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Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lives & works in Wiltshire, UK


Portraits, Murals , Pen and ink , Coloured pencil commissions for various private clients Holland
 Design children's room , including wallpaper and fabric design and birth announcement cards.
Collection of drawings sold to Interior Design Company Heinz Roggen.

Collection of drawings sold to London Gallery 

( Julia Boston Antiques).

1994 Group exhibition Victoria Gallery Bath.


Mural Leonard Cheshire Care home Chippenham.

Various portraits for private clients.

2000-Teaching Art course.

2000- Several murals private client Wiltshire.

2002-Several murals private client Wiltshire ( Stuart Pearce).



Due to personal circumstances ( divorce and death in family  plus severe illness) , break from art work .


2016 .

Private commission Cindy Levenson Design .

Commission for artwork for website " Parrot and Lilly".

Several sales of water colours and pen and ink drawings to various clients via Instagram

Charcoal drawing through second round of National Open Art Competition , and sold to one of the organisers. 



Painting in Josh Lilley Gallery, Fitzrovia for One Night Gala.



Commission Lady Bamford flower painting .

Painting in White Horse Art Gallery Open Exhibition.

Various commissions from clients in Japan,

and in the UK.

Sale of painting to designer Tone Alexander, South Africa



Sale of flower painting to Lady Bamford  

Various sales and commissions to and for  clients in Singapore, Germany and the US, ,children's portraits for clients in Singapore and Germany.

Dog portraits for clients in the UK, Belgium and Germany.



Donated painting to raise funds for the Autralian Red Cross and the Australian bushfires of 2020 via the Art& Creative Auction.($101,800 raised in total),

to raise funds for Wildlife Victoria, The  Australian Red Cross and WWF to help with the devastation of wildlife due to the Australian Bushfires.

Donated painting to be sold at the Wild At Heart Foundation Exhibition to raise funds for the Wild At Heart Foundation (£20 000 raised ).

Series of postcard sized water colour dog portraits sold worldwide with 50% going to foodbanks local to the buyer.

Oil paintings, and watercolours sold under the Artist Support Pledge ( supporting other artists by pledging to buy their work once you have sold for £200).

Several dog portraits commissions.

Watercolour sales proceeds donated to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Four portraits of NHS workers painted under #NHSportraitsforheroes.

Portrait Displayed on Google Arts heroes

Watercolour paintings sale proceeds donated to Moira refugee camp in Greece.( )

Several portrait commissions.

Oct.2020 Bath Society of Artist Winner of the Best Drawing Prize at the Open Exhibition.



Four portraits of care workers , under #portraitsforhealthheroes .

Series of postcard sized water colour portraits of dogs to raise funds for Spice, a very ill dog ( monies raised £10 000)

Private portrait commissions and sales of landscapes, both oil paintings as well as pastel drawings.

Series of dog/ cat  portrait commissions.



Work donated for charity under the initiative " One of many postcards ".

Paintings sold under " Give With Art" with 50% of proceeds gong to Ukrainian Relief , and under the Tolstoy Edit three paintings donated with 100% going to the Ukrainian Red Cross, one painting auctioned by the Bath Society of Artists with 100% going to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Some landscape and pet portrait commissions.



Watercolour drawing sales proceeds donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey .

Landscape paintings with village view sold



1978 - 1985

Academie Minerva ( Fine Arts Academy ) Netherlands


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