SOLD.Parrot tukips in blue and white Chinese vase..Oil on canvas board.60 x 40 cm.2019

Today's effort._Roses in the garden_ .Oi

Roses in the garden.Oil on canvas board.8 x 14 inches .2019

Edit _This auction is now closed .Thank

SOLD.Geranium on table.Oil on canvas board.15 x 15 cm.2019

Picked some snowdrops in my garden today

SOLD .Snowdrops.Watercolour.21 x 29 cm.Sold to Lady Bamford.

Before I was so rudely interrupted by a

Teapots and sweet peas on kitchen dresser.Oil on canvas board.59 x 42 cm.2018

Daffodils on bedroom dresser .Oil on can

Daffodils on dresser.Oil on canvas board.41 x 29 cm.2018

I have just sent this commissioned artwo
Update _Sold _Edit _ This auction is now

SOLD.Four tulips with bulbs.Watercolour and pen and ink .29 x 42 cm.Private commission for Lady Bamford.2018

SOLD.Pyramid of pansies.Watercolour and pen and ink.$2 x 29 cm.Sold to John Carter Luxury Events Florist.2018

Update _Sold !_Today's effort._Three lav

SOLD .Three lavender flowers.Private commission. 21 x 15 cm 2018

Today's effort.I am trying to get back i

Unknown pink tulip with bulb.Watercolour and pen and ink.29 x 42 cm.2018

Update _Sold ( to a lovely Japanese cust

SOLD.Sweet peas on the window sill.Watercolour and pen and ink.21 x 15 cm .Private commission.2018

"Red geranium and Tilda".Watercolour.

12 x 15 cm.SOLD

"SOLD .Foxgloves and roses".Pastels on coloured paper .40 x 60 cm. 

"Posy of Shasta Daisies".Watercolour .Size  A5.2017

"Patch of dandelions".Watercolour.18 x 21 cm